The digital version of an Annual Report on Health and International cooperation. Analysis and Data Repository.

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Health, International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid

La Salud en la Cooperación y la Acción Humanitaria” is an annual report edited by two spanish NGO's – Medicos del Mundo and Medicos Mundi – since 2002.

Published every year on December the 12th - UN International Universal Health Coverage Day – the report starts from official available data about the level of achievement of Sustainable Development Goals – especially on objective #3: “Good Health and Well-being” – in order to evaluate the role of health issues in the quest for a better and more sustainable future for all.

The report especially focus on Spain, it analyses publics budgets on Humanitarian Aid and offers a coherent time serie of aggregate data from different public sources.


For the first time, the 2019 edition is also available with a digital companion - the site cooperasalud.org - I was asked to setup. The site have a few clear communicative goals: in the first place is a compact summary of the latest edition, a kind of long scrollytelling of the main highlights, conclusions and recommendations. The printed version of the report (available in pdf format) is here enhanced with some interactive data-visualization.

In order to balance this abbreviate synopsis, the site offers several resources for a more comprehensive documentation about the key concepts and the methodological issues of this series of reports.

Last but not least, following an open and collaborative approach, the site offers a digital repository of open data in reusable formats (csv, json, xls) for those who may be interested in further elaborations.

The site, as it is right now, was quickly assembled in a few weeks, right before the official presentation of the latest edition, and should be considered just as a first step of a more ambitious – in progress – project.

Medic del Mundo

Medicos del Mundo is the spanish branch of an international human rights organization providing emergency and long-term medical care to vulnerable people.

The organization see medical injustices as more than merely temporary emergencies with a quick fix and bears witness, spotlights perennial issues, and helps in creating sustainable, robust healthcare infrastructure solutions.