Medic del Mundo

Medicos del Mundo is the spanish branch of an international human rights organization providing emergency and long-term medical care to vulnerable people.

The organization see medical injustices as more than merely temporary emergencies with a quick fix and bears witness, spotlights perennial issues, and helps in creating sustainable, robust healthcare infrastructure solutions.

Archivio Storico del Comune di Sassari

Archivio Storico del Comune di Sassari The Historical Archives of Sassari’s Municipality is a public institution aimed to preserve and disseminate the legacy of Sassari’s municipality administrations.

European Cultural Foundation

European Cultural Foundation Founded in Geneva in 1954, the ECF, actually based in Amsterdam, is a Foundation devoted to promote a European sentiment through culture, by developing and supporting initiatives that let us share, experience and imagine Europe.


Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia is a private foundation, located in Cerezales del Condado, in a rural area close to Leon, in the north of Spain.

Started six years ago as an Art Center, is now dedicated to the local development and the transfer of knowledge through two channels: cultural productions and ethnological education.


Uned The National Distance Education University, known in Spanish as Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), is a distance learning and research university founded in 1972 and is the only university run by the central government of Spain.

The University awards undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as non-degree qualifications such as diplomas and certificates, or continuing education units.


SEGE is a Milan based Service Design's firm.

Since the 90's is active as digital strategic consultant for information design and web developpment.


Abanca is a Spanish bank based in Galicia created in 2011 following the "bankisation" of Novacaixagalicia savings bank.

Since 2013 it’s owned by Banco Etcheverría, part of Venezuelan financial institution Banesco.